WhatsApp Plus

If you want to make WhatsApp messaging more fun or just want to chat more easily, download WhatsApp Plus Official APK.


When you say WhatsApp, I say boring, but when it adds Plus in it, that’s where the thing becomes fabulous. Start using WhatsApp Plus with amazing messenger privileges enabled in it.

In this technological era of using the premium apps, WhatsApp should have a premium design and people will pay for it. But they don’t have any such thing because they love being a cost-free service without ads or paid stuff. Still, we’re not happy because of its boring interface, which isn’t getting customizable and changed from a long time ago. Using the same official WhatsApp has no better influence than using WhatsApp Plus APK.

My friend first talked to me about this app, and after I installed it on my phone, the messaging started being obsessed with me with all those features. First, the interface, which matters the most to the tech buddies like us, is designed extraordinarily in that app. Then, we are all privacy freaks, so we need some options that WhatsApp isn’t giving us, in time. Plus got them all for us. Last, the automation for messaging is finally accessible with this app.

We used the word last as those were the only expectations we had from something to get in WhatsApp, but the modded version contains even more options. You’ll get there the privileges that you didn’t ever expect to be in the app, like the emoticon styles, notification icon styles, launcher icon styles, and the wholly customizable app body. Everything would be there in your WhatsApp Messaging, and the only upgrade step you need to take is to download WhatsApp Plus.

What is WhatsApp?

Among a most offensive number of applications there in the same social and communication genre of Google Play Store, there is one ranked as #1 from the start of the era, i.e., WhatsApp Messenger. Things got changed a lot as it got acquired by the Facebook company, which is now the Meta Corporations. They made so many updates that allowed WhatsApp to thrive from an ordinary messaging app to having an amazing interface and new features.

When you get all along through features, still the population side is so evolved on this platform. If you’ll do the whole calculation of global online communication freaks who love instant messaging, WhatsApp would be the platform most downloaded among them all. Telegram is getting some new heights, but still no one can beat the convenience and durability of WhatsApp Messenger.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

We know that WhatsApp Messenger is unbeatable among the android apps that allow people to send messages and communicate on any side of the world so conventionally. But what if you get bored by the app interface or all those features, using them all every time when sending and receiving messages? What if you want the message replies to get sent automatically without you even looking at them? What if you want to change the overview of using that app?

We all have so many expectations from this global social messaging software, but their speed is being a little slow in adding them. Well, that’s admirable as it’s a brand app and making drastic changes so instantly can’t be possible in such a case. So, we use the WhatsApp Plus APK, which is the modified version of WhatsApp developed by adding some scripts to the same interface and using the actual source codes.

WhatsApp Plus vs WhatsApp

Basically, it’s old news that WhatsApp’s source codes got leaked by some developers with the server access, and that moment gave tremendous developers a way to develop the app. WhatsApp Plus APK is the result of one of those developers named Rafalete. So, WhatsApp Messenger is the original app that you can download from the official App Stores and WhatsApp Plus is the modded version developed by a third-party app developer.

FeaturesWhatsApp plusOriginal Version
Voice callIt can be disabledIt can’t be disabled
AccountsIt can be used for unlimited accountsOnly one account can be used
ThemeAllow customizationDoes not allow
Fonts and Style
Share big files
RecordingHide recording statusShow recording status
History and LogsKeep trackDoes not keep track
HidingCan hide writing and seeing textShow the actual things
Removing sent item

The difference is just the number of features you can get on the modified versions, which make them feel more advanced and technological. There are options to enhance the messaging privacy, add customization options, automate messaging, add an extra layer of security, and many more. Apart from the WhatsApp Plus, there are also some other mods that work separately with their codes.

Still, they are all on the same page and using the same scripts, so you’ll see most of them working obviously the same with those actual features, but the reason behind having many mods is to be untracked. Suppose if millions of users are using 10 mods, it gets separated with 100,000 users per mod. Moreover, There is an anti-ban script added to most of them that allows users to enjoy all those amazing features without even thinking of being banned from the official WhatsApp servers.


Who cares about the codes, scripts, sources, and serves as we all are the enjoys. Developers have worked hard to let us enjoy the fruits of messaging available only with the WhatsApp Mods. So, we’re here with some top-notch features that everyone can enjoy when using the WhatsApp Plus app on their smartphone. Remember, these aren’t the only features as there are many more in the next section, but we call these features the most fabulous ones –

Download Themes

Relatively, every second guy who leaves WhatsApp Messenger these days is just because he doesn’t like that interface and doesn’t want to be anymore with just the Light and Dark Mode. Convenience is on its own side, but there are most of us who really are customization freaks and for all such guys, WhatsApp Plus comes with 4000+ themes. You can download these themes and install them on the app in a single click to make its UI look really different.

Hide Chats

Being a privacy seeker in online messaging, I always had a fear of finding someone opening and reading my chats when I just gave them my phone to change the music. If that also happened to you before, and you don’t want your chats to be easily accessible, Hiding Chats will help you with this Plus version. You can secure particular chats, and they automatically get hidden with any security protocol you choose, and you can access them back by double-clicking the WhatsApp icon.

Enable DND

Is that a meeting of yours, and you’re taking most of your minutes outside just because of those WhatsApp notifications pinging your phone? Don’t waste time on that, as it’s an instant solution requiring concern that can be resolved with the DND Mode of WhatsApp Plus. You can enable this mode in one click and after that, all the WhatsApp Messages, Calls, and Status feed will stop for the app, like someone has disabled internet for the app.

Hide Online Status

You are online and everyone knows that you’re there on WhatsApp to interrupt you, even when you’re messaging with the most important person in your life. Now, if you won’t reply to them back, they’ll think you become an extraordinary guy having no time for them. What you can do is hide the online status of your account by using this WhatsApp Mod. After you enable this mode, no one can ever see if you are online on WhatsApp chatting with anyone.

Download Status

WhatsApp’s status are of three types, Photos, Videos, and Captions. Now among these three, photos can be captured as the screenshots and simultaneously their quality gets reduced, but it doesn’t matter a lot to us. If you want to save videos, you can use the amazing feature of this version to click a simple download icon and download it on-the-go. Except from that, you can also copy a caption status’ words just by clicking the Copy icon listed right below that status.  


Everyone among us has a creative way of thinking about the things that really matter to us and ones which can really change our future. But we spend most of our time messaging on WhatsApp, which we can outsource to a bot. Yeah, it’s possible to automate your WhatsApp messaging with the WhatsApp Plus and all you need is to configure a few settings related to choosing the users whom you want to reply to these automated messages, the message, and timing. That’s it!

WhatsApp Lock

WhatsApp Lock is the feature that allows you to add a next-level of security to your WhatsApp chats. Most of us have the screen lock enabled on our phones, which works as a security level, but there are some friends who know the password. Next, there is an app lock some of us are using, but again, some of our friends know the password. WhatsApp Lock is a hidden feature that not just locks those chats with a password, but also hides them from the main page.

More features

Hide Forwarded Mark

You may have seen this forwarded sign on every message that you forward from some group or particular contact to another group or particular contact. This sign cannot be removed officially, and it sometimes sounds weird and people start copying the text, which is still not possible for forwarding more than one message. Not a big deal, use a feature of this app, and you can disable this mark forever until you use the mod.

More Pinned Chats

Pinned messages are used to keep a few contacts on the top of the list to track their messages on a frequent basis. WhatsApp only allows you to pin up to 3 messages at a time, but WhatsApp Plus lets you pin any number of messages as you want. That’s the beauty of this app.

Bigger Caption Status

Caption status also has a limitation on it, and you can’t breach this number of words, even if you want them to look as small as they can. On the other hand, the limit is way bigger in the Plus version to allow you more space to add some more words and complete your status.

More Caption Colors

There are just a few background colors being available for the caption status option, which are chosen through clicking that theme icon again and again. But what if you’re a brand and you want your favorite color code? Try this new version with more than 10,000 color formats allowed to be chosen by RGB configurations.

New Fonts

Font styles were the Samsung S series smartphones’ thing a long time ago. Still, there are some different brand OS that allow you to choose different fonts, but if you don’t have that option, you can use this version to change the WhatsApp fonts from a list of 20+ styles.

Launcher Icons

The icon you see on your app’s launcher to launch the WhatsApp Messenger app can be changed and chosen from among a list of 50+ launcher icons. Do you know what step you need to take to do that? Nothing much… Just download this Plus version and get through the Universal settings of the app to choose launcher icons.

Notification Icons

If launcher icons aren’t all you need, there is also a list of the notification icons which you can choose and make the messages on the notification panel look absolutely different. This would be the same universal settings and can be accessed from exact places.

Schedule Messages

We are not the machines which can remember everything, and even our brains’ storage is not as much as a computer. But there are some events which are important to remember, and we mostly forget them, like Birthdays and Festivals. Don’t worry, you can now schedule messages on WhatsApp for the whole upcoming year and even more.

Always Online

Always offline was the feature that we told you above to disable the online status. But there are also a few users of messenger who want to always look online and be eager to reply to messages. So, there is also a feature Always named Online that you can enable through the option list and use it amazingly.

Hide Media from Gallery

WhatsApp Messenger contains a lot of confidential data in the format of media files. It’s legit as there are many types of our relations on this platform messaging us, including friends, clients, girlfriends, and boyfriends. Luckily, the Plus version lets you hide media files from the phone’s Gallery so that even if someone somehow accesses your gallery, they can’t see those media files.

Custom Privacy

Custom privacy means the different privacy options used for the different WhatsApp contacts. There are some of your contacts for whom you want to disable online status, double ticks, blue ticks, and forwarded marks. So, you can do that, particularly using the app’s custom privacy options in each user’s profile.

Add-on Stickers

We know some android apps that can get connected with WhatsApp Plus and make it easier to install new sticker packs on the app. If you want to try some of those packs, you can download and install Stickers Plus APK within the app, and it’ll let you try that functionality for free.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus APK, the modified version of WhatsApp, is great to be downloaded on your device and make you access the best privacy options while downloading video statuses. You can finally hide the blue ticks, double ticks, typing… status, recording… status, and many more privacy lacking things once you had on official WhatsApp Messenger. But first, you need to download WhatsApp Plus Apk and install it on your smartphone.

WhatsApp Plus APK

We told you that this app got the exact codes, sources, and serves as the official one and for that sole reason, you’re not supposed to be worried about finding a different way. WhatsApp Plus is an app going live in this industry for so many years, and among these years, all they gained is trust.

App NameWhatsApp Plus
Requirements4.3 and up
Size69 M
Last Updated1 Day Ago

🔰 Changelog v17.60

They are already using the best anti-ban script to keep your account safe from being banned, as there are millions of users using this app right now. GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are the biggest names and the best traffic holder of WhatsApp mod users, but both have the same features and that’s why we recommend you to download the latest WhatsApp Plus with all the latest official features and no need for the next update for a long term.

If you’re ready to download it on your device, we just want you to go through the below steps, and you’ll have the new way of messaging installed from the last step below –

🔶 Click the above download link, and it’ll take your browser to the official download page.

🔶 On that download page, you’ll find a Download button. You need to click that.

🔶 Allow the permission to files if you’re asked for that.

🔶 Click the Download button after the file renaming option and that’ll start downloading.

Now you need to wait for a while until you see a notification in the upside panel of the app that got downloaded successfully. If that successfully happened, you can go ahead and install the app with the next procedure to be taken listed in the below section.

How to install WhatsApp Plus APK for Android smartphone?

We are parting the installation of WhatsApp Plus into two different steps. Most of the apps get installed manually by ease in a single step, but WhatsApp Messenger contains the important data, like messages, photos, videos, documents, links, call logs, etc.  We need to back up that all before using the new WhatsApp version for messaging. I

In any case, if you want to use a new WhatsApp account on mod version, you can go directly for step to while there is no need for any backup –

📍 Step 1 – Backing up important WhatsApp data

Follow the below steps first for getting the backup of complete important data you have on WhatsApp, including messages and the media files .

1. Click and launch the original WhatsApp Messenger on your phone.

2. Click the three-dot button on the top and open the Settings tab.

3. Open Chat Settings and choose the Chat Backup option there.

4. Enable the Media Backup option at the end and click the Back-Up button in the middle.

5. Once the backup is completed, you can uninstall WhatsApp Messenger and get to the next step.

📍 Step 2 – Installing WhatsApp Plus APK

These steps will show you the installation procedure of the app, as you have already taken the backup of all your messages and media files.

1. Download the WhatsApp Plus APK file from the above download section.

2. Uninstall the official WhatsApp Messenger app, as it doesn’t work with the Plus version altogether.

3. Afterward, open the File Manager app and access WhatsApp Plus APK in the Downloads folder.

4. Click the APK, and you’ll now be asked to enable installation from an unknown source.

5. Allow from this source and get back to the File Manager to install the app.

6. Hit the Install button for WhatsApp Plus APK and wait until it doesn’t get installed on your phone.

7. Once it’s installed, click the open button and launch it.

8. Choose the language that you think is convenient and agree to the terms and conditions.

9. Select the region you’re living in and the WhatsApp number you want to activate with Plus.

10. Tap the Verify button and wait until you get asked for a one-time password.

11. Type and verify the one-time password you got through text message on WhatsApp number.

12. Allow some permissions asked by the application.

13. Skip the Google Backup option, as you cannot use this feature on the modified apps.

14. If you have backed up data using the above step, you’ll be asked to restore it. Click Restore.

15. Make a username and upload a profile picture to start messaging with WhatsApp Plus.

Is it Safe to Use WhatsApp Plus?

All the safety measures have already been taken with the WhatsApp Plus app, as it’s being used for a long term on Android phones and is the most reviewed WhatsApp Mod. You don’t need to have any trust issues with this app, as all the features it provides you are made with love and access of rise for you. After using this version, one can have better security, privacy, and customization options while messaging to all the same people with a growth.

Is WhatsApp Plus Available for iOS?

WhatsApp Plus is currently an Android version, which means, only for the Android devices. You cannot use it on any other device that doesn’t work with the Android Operating system, except for the devices which can use Android emulators, like a PC.

So, iPhone users would feel a little bad hearing that WhatsApp Plus isn’t for you, and also not any other modified app, just because of their devices’ security attacks. It’d be better if you can switch to an Android phone.


Can WhatsApp Plus be banned?

WhatsApp Plus is a safe application including an anti-ban script, which means it cannot be banned that easily. If you still don’t believe that, you can see the history of this app as it’s been running from long onwards and didn’t show any such error. Trust us and give it a try!

How to download themes in WhatsApp Plus?

If you want to download and install themes on WhatsApp Plus, you’ll see a Themes tab in the Plus Settings of WhatsApp Plus. When you enter the Themes panel, you can click Download Themes and access a list of themes available to be installed in a single click once downloaded.

Would it be possible to use WhatsApp Plus as a second WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus is not for that. It uses the same package name as that of WhatsApp, and for the same reason, it works without being banned, so you cannot use WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Plus together installed on your phone. There are some other mods like GBWhatsApp that you can try for that.

Why is WhatsApp Plus not there on Google Play Store?

WhatsApp Plus isn’t there, and it will not ever be there on the App Stores. See, they all want to keep you tracking the official apps only and get some terms and conditions which block such third-party developments. Only for that reason, you will not find it on Google Play Store.

Can I disable the forwarded mark in WhatsApp Plus?

Yeah, you can disable Forwarded marks from the Universal features of WhatsApp Plus. It’s so simple.

How to automate messaging in WhatsApp Plus?

Message automation can be done after configuring a few important options, including, Caused Contacts, Timing, Reply for particular message, Delay in Seconds, groups message (If Any), and finally the message that you want to reply to. This feature can be found among the options in the three-dot menu of WhatsApp Plus at the top panel.

Do WhatsApp Plus have different emoji icons than WhatsApp Messenger?

If you’re asking about what you see, then I’ll say yes. There are more than 5 different emoji styles you’ll get on WhatsApp Plus interface, and you can change them anytime. But if you’ll ask for what your contacts can see, the answer would be no, as those emojis would only be shown to you as different, not the WhatsApp servers.

How to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus without losing chats?

We have submitted the installation procedure of WhatsApp Messenger in this article up above. It’s a two-faced installation procedure, where if you want to switch the same old account with the data backup, you can follow both the steps. Otherwise, you can go for a simple installation when you don’t want any backup to be restored.

Can I message a number on WhatsApp without saving it to my phone book?

Yeah, WhatsApp Plus features you to message a number directly even if it’s not there on your device’s phone book. You’ll get this feature as “Message a Number” on the top menu, and after choosing that, you can either message or call that number directly from WhatsApp.

How to secure WhatsApp chats with WhatsApp Plus?

You can secure WhatsApp chats using the WhatsApp Lock feature in this application. This feature allows you to choose among three options, including Pattern, PIN, and Fingerprint, and once you’ve chosen, you can secure the whole app interface as well as the particular chats as per your desire.

What can WhatsApp plus do?

features of WhatsApp Plus include customization options for themes, fonts, and chat backgrounds, the ability to send larger files, hiding your online status, and the ability to disable read receipts.


There are a few questions raised on the legality and security of WhatsApp Plus app, and we totally got them as real. It’s okay to ask those things, as you’re all going to add your actual WhatsApp accounts with this application.

What we’ll say is it’s simply indistinct whether not, the app is legal or not, as the official company has also denied users to use WhatsApp Mods. But if we see the good side, they’re running for a long time, and they may run for the future.

Whatever it is, if you’re even a little bit concerned about this thing, please go with a different WhatsApp account with this app that you don’t use majorly to have an enjoyment of the amazing features as well as the official app running sideways.

Otherwise, you can trust the features and authorities of this modification, as its past was quite bright and may be the future. So enjoy WhatsApp Plus and all the features available with it!

🔴 Note: Make sure to bookmark this website [http://prowaplus.com/] for future APK updates.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is a safe and secure messaging app that offers a redesigned user interface and new features not found in the original WhatsApp.

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Operating System: Android 5.0

Application Category: Communication

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